It is now official! Team YANTSU announced today that it will in fact be tracking the Easter Bunny for 2014 breaking a 5-year tradition of tracking St. Nicholas. Patric Covey, Chairman of Team YANTSU, told his audience today that the Team YANTSU Cabinet voted on and approved a motion to track a rather funny bunny this month on Saturday, April 19, 2014 overnight into Easter as the bunny makes his way across the planet. His routing is definitely longer and not as fast as Santa’s so the Easter Bunny actually has helpers that help him get candy into baskets just in time for the big day. At this time, Team YANTSU does not know what their setup guidelines will be, but information will come out tomorrow regarding on a general plan headlined by Team YANTSU Head, Nick Tay. For more Easter updates, stay tuned right here on the TrackingSanta Weebly Page.