TrackingSanta LIVE Chat Rules

Failure to abide by any chat rules may result in user(s) being temporarily removed, or permanently banned from chat.

  1. No spamming of any messages. This includes excessive use of emojis.
  2. No swearing or inappropriate language.
  3. No advertising of ANY KIND is permitted within the stream chat.
  4. No spoilers related to NORAD Tracks Santa including content and route. 
  5. Users are to NEVER use sexist, homophobic, racist, or any other discriminatory terms/remarks, doing so will result in an instant ban.
  6. Only YANTSU members are permitted to be chat moderators; any non-YANTSU member repeatedly asking for moderation permissions will be removed.
  7. Excessive use of CAPS in messages is
  8. Repeating an identical message several times over will result in a timeout.
  9. No personal attacks/insults are to be said to any YANTSU member, or other stream viewer
  10. No claiming Santa Claus is fake.
  11. Never share passwords or personal information.
  12. If you have been timed out or kicked, please do NOT continually ask why. People joining chat with several accounts asking will be kicked again. 
  13. If you feel you’ve been wrongly kicked or banned, please private message one of our social media accounts (@TeamYANTSU) , and we will act accordingly if needed.
  14. Reuploading or copying of our content is prohibited. To view our copyright policy, please click here.