, Team YANTSU, The Annual TrackingSanta LIVE Show, and the Team YANTSU Logo are all licensed to and owned by The YouTube Association of NORAD Tracks Santa Users (YANTSU).
All content produced by Team YANTSU on, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and otherwise is original content owned by YANTSU.
Team YANTSU does NOT allow for reuploads and usage of content without permission, under the following policies:
1. Santa Cams, Show Footage, Trailers, and other video content
Santa Cams produced by Team YANTSU ( utilize 3D models licensed by Meshbox. Santa Cams and accompanying audio are proprietary content.

Unauthorized reuploading of video footage will result in copyright strikes (YouTube) and reporting of account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
Direct links to the Team YANTSU YouTube channel are entirely permissible and encouraged.
2. Santa Updates and Images
Leading up to Christmas, provides Santa Updates with images of Santa and his village. These images utilize the Team YANTSU logo as well as Meshbox Santa Cam models.
While Team YANTSU permits the reupload of these images, credit must be given to Team YANTSU and our account/page should be tagged. Team YANTSU reserves the right to have reuploads of these images removed if deemed appropriate.
3. Retweets and Credited Story Reuploads
Team YANTSU permits and encourages retweets of the @TeamYANTSU Twitter and story reposts of the @TeamYANTSU Instagram account.

4. Loose ends
Any additional content produced by Team YANTSU and is proprietary and under international Copyright. Any unauthorized use permits us to Copyright Strike, report, and remove.

Team YANTSU will strive to politely warn accounts that infringe copyright to voluntarily take down stolen content prior to official action being taken.

For any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact us on our social media @TeamYANTSU or email