Hey fans! Ganon136 here just to let you know that the planning stages for the show will be ending in the next week to two weeks, so final preparations are being made. Once planning is done, everything is set into effect and all YANTSU members will be reminded multiple times on when to have things sent in by such as hourly schedules and press releases. Please keep in mind that December is here and that you need to get into the mode of readiness for the show. We have planned a lot this year and the show is just less than three weeks away. 

In other news, I have won one of the daily contests through the NORAD Tracks Santa Facebook. This is a momentous time for me and Team YANTSU. Having the pride of winning one of the prize packs leading up to Christmas is great and you can too. Just “Like” the NORAD Tracks Santa Facebook page and REFRESH ALL DAY until you see it. That is what most of us had to do and it turned out great. I will not reveal what comes in the prize pack until the show on December 24. I can tell you that there are only about one of each item though. 

Also, I am in contact with a NORAD representative once again this year and he is going to help me get a video spot with them saying something like “Happy Holidays from all of us at NORAD, etc.”. Either we will do that or shoot a web-show before the web-show where NORAD can answer your questions you have and pump up the show for December 24.

Plus, Marcus Pearl has started a new channel called AimNFireNORADSanta. The reason for the name change is because people were confused in thinking that he was actually NORAD keeping the videos up all year long. With the name change, there will be less confusion for everyone on YouTube. His new site is at http://www.youtube.com/AimNFireNORADSanta.

YouTube is brightened up with Christmas joy again for December 2011. Brayden (Elezb101) has released his new ChristmasAdvent2011 channel to YouTube. Every day in December, Brayden releases a new video in celebration of the Advent Calender. If you do not know what the Advent Calender is, I will explain. An advent calender looks like your average calender, but contains only 24 days. Each day of December from the 1 to the 24 is represented with a door and a number. For example, if it were December 16, you should have already opened up doors 1 through 16. Most advent calenders contain chocolates or presents to celebrate the holiday season. Brayden’s version of this on YouTube is to release new videos on a daily basis for your enjoyment. You can find his channel at http://www.youtube.com/ChristmasAdvent2011. It will be closed near the beginning of January, so view it while you still can.

Stay tuned,
Team YANTSU 2009-2011