Yesterday, November 11th, Team YANTSU Held our November Meeting. A lot was discussed in the Two hour meeting. First off, let me introduce our 4 new Members!
James R. 
James H.
Thomas H.
John Luke

Congratulations to our new members! They have officially been added to the cabinet in our constitutional powers.
Speaking of constitutional powers, Justin B. and I have been moved up with Luke as “Chief Promoters.” So currently, we have 4 in the cabinet and 3 Chief Promoters. 
Also in the news, keep an eye on my channel, for another update video in about a week! As you may also know, you can now look at the english NORAD Santa Homepage by going to Also, don’t forget to record your fan advertisement for the BlogTV show advertising whatever you want, as long as it is appropriate. Be creative and have fun! Send in your entries to Ganon136 on youtube no later than December 20th!

Nick Tay
Team YANTSU Chief Promoter 2012