Hello everyone,

The biggest news is today on the NORAD Tracks Santa website. The unveil should happen like last year and come on at around 8PM probably. There is no telling what the website is yet at this time. The website is down currently as they prepare to release it to the public. Due to this factor which I believe did not occur last year, there may be a new website layout this year. I want all of my readers to continue to stay tuned for more. 

In other news, the last Ganon136 Show for the holiday season will take place today on November 30, 2011. Starting tomorrow, December 1, the December Updates will begin for its second year in a row. 

For more information, go to the YouTube Channels under the “more…” tab and then click the “Other Fun Websites” tab. I hope everyone has enjoyed this as much as we have at Team YANTSU and we look forward to updating you in the leadup to Tracking Day 2011.

Have a great day,
Team YANTSU 2009-2011