Hey guys! Ganon136 here on a new development involving our BlogTV. If you have ever wanted to watch our annual TrackingSanta show from the website, your wish will come true this year. We will be soon embedding our show on this website so that those who want to watch away from BlogTV can still watch us from this website. That tab will probably be available on December 1 with a title that reads something along the lines of “TRACK SANTA HERE” or “LIVE TRACKINGSANTA SHOW”. So keep your eyes out for that as December 1 gets here in just under a month from now. Also look for multiple site add-ons and extra links such as in the “Other Fun Websites” tab underneath the “more…” drop-down tab. If you have something special you want us to add to our website, just send us a form by clicking “more…” then by clicking on “Contact Us” and filling out that form. We will respond as soon as we possibly can to your requests. Don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube and follow us on Facebook and Twitter as w

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