Dear YANTSU members and fans,

This is the last week and half of planning for Team YANTSU and we are happy to see this joint effort coming to a close for 2011. Planning has lasted for so long since July, but the time has flown by this year. All YANTSU members need to read your emails for information regarding the show and what is needed for these next two weeks from you. The show is coming up and we want you, the viewers, to please come support us and our show. For information regarding the show, go to the “Show Information” tab at the top of the screen. If you want to countdown the days left, go to the “Countdown to the Show!!!” page above also. I just released the new newsletter for all of you to check out at the “YANTSU Files” tab under the “more…” tab. If you want to view the newsletter it the yantsunewsletter121111.docx. I hope you guys enjoy the final countdowns for the show¬†

Stay tuned,
Head of YANTSU 2011
Team YANTSU 2009-2011