2nd December Newsletter Available Now!

The second Team YANTSU Newsletter is now available for public viewing right here on the Official TrackingSanta Website. Just click on the “more…” tab and go to the “YANTSU Files” tab. After that, click on “yantsunewsletter121212.doc” to view our latest newsletter. We hope you enjoy the new information. Thanks, Patric/Ganon136 Read more…

First December Newsletter Is Up!

The first newsletter of December has been released from Team YANTSU. Click on the “more…” tab, then “YANTSU Files”, and finally “YANTSUNewsletter120312.doc” to view today’s new newsletter. Enjoy, Patric/Ganon136 Head of Team YANTSU 2011-2012 Team YANTSU 2009-2012