Hey fans,

Christmas was huge like Brayden said in the post below. We set record numbers and we still do not know the final total for some reason. BlogTV did not post the final numbers and we are currently trying to resolve the issue with them. Anyways, ITS 2012!!!! That means a new year and also a VERY long time from the show this year. In the mean time, we are holding recruiting for Team YANTSU if people are interested. All you have to do is send a YouTube message to Elezb101 and he will send you an application you can fill out and return. Holidays have been crazy for me, so I have not had the time to sit down and work this out yet. There is a chance I may step down before next year’s show, but it is not official yet. If I will step down as Head of YANTSU, it will occur sometime during the summer of 2012. Do not worry because I will continue to support all efforts of making the 2012 another great hit and may possibly do it again. My throat was sore from talking all day which just goes to show how much effort we put in to this year’s show. Anyways, getting better from being sick into the new year and I will be back up soon to help out.

Happy New Year,
Head of YANTSU 2011-2012
Team YANTSU 2009-2012