Team YANTSU has just confirmed that we are now officially 100 days away from NORAD Tracks Santa 2013 and we are really excited to help provide you guys with the best tracking content over these next 100 days with you right here on our TrackingSanta Weebly Page. We will keep you guys updated, so stay tuned for more information as it becomes available to you. For all of you who have not heard, Team YANTSU is looking for a new hosting website this year because BlogTV no longer exists. We are in the process of moving, so be patient with us. Also, YANTSU applicants…. Applications are almost done and you should hear from us soon regarding results or if we need you for additional interviewing. In other news, Marcus Pearl has assumed the role of Head of Team YANTSU and Patric Covey has stepped down to the Chairman position. The CEO spot is still open and that should be filled by November at the latest. Expect newsletters to start soon later this month or around October 1st.

For more information, you can check back here and also on our Facebook and Twitter pages at the top right corner here on our website.

Chairman of Team YANTSU 2013
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