Hey fans,

Just wanted to let you know that right after I left for school, the NORAD Tracks Santa website was¬†unveiled at 6:35AM EST. Because I cannot look at the website at school right now, I have to go by what Brayden is telling me. Brayden sent this to me in an email…

“The site has officially opened at 7:35 PM AST. It’s a little dissapointing though. It looks the exact same as 2010 except for a font change. And the home page is not the countdown and is still the map and “Santa has completed his 2010 journey. Come back in 2011 to see him fly again”! The first countdown game is a game from previous years. I guess it is a dissapointment but there still is a possibility of being new videos.”

As you can see, they have not done a good job of refreshing it, so stay tuned to hear more from us throughout the day. Also check out my December Updates starting tonight on the Ganon136 channel. Thank you Brayden for your update.

Team YANTSU 2009-2011
patric.covey@ocs.gaggle.net (between 7:00AM and 2:15PM)