It’s nearing the end of May, and the beginning of summer is approaching. As usual, Team YANTSU is beginning planning for our annual live stream on Ustream, and we plan to have a meeting somewhere near the end of this month. With a few currently confidential power changes coming to Team YANTSU at the end of this month, the work craze has begun. This year, Team YANTSU plans to have more of a year-round experience for our viewers.

Due to last year’s elimination of BlogTV and move to Ustream, we realized that some people are having trouble finding us. So spread the word! The more viewers we have on our website, the better the show will be.

As our new members are getting settled in, we expect them to be great assets to our team. We look forward to working with Matthew, Trevor, and Michael this year.

As you may notice, our website looks a bit different than it did before. In the coming weeks, the team (myself included) are editing the website so that it looks best for 2014.

If you are ever interested in helping us advertise or have a group that you think would be interested in hearing about us, pleaseĀ contact us.

Wanting to join our team? We will be taking applications in October.

Team YANTSU Newsletters from Myself and Secretary Jason Strait are set to begin in September.

We are grateful for your continued support, and stay tuned for a very important announcement on June 1st.

Nick Tay
Head of YANTSU