After all applications have been reviewed in a timely manner, Team YANTSU is proud to announce that we have picked our new members. As promised, we stay within time frame, and hope that our new members will be a great asset to our team!

So, without further a due, here are your new 2014 Team YANTSU Members!

Michael Porath, United States

Trevor Jackson, United States

And Matthew Glynne, Canada.

Congratulations to our new members, and thanks to all who tried out. There will be a new opportunity for membership this coming fall. Currently, these three members are sitting in the YANTSU Cabinet position but that could change very soon depending on their performance in Team YANTSU in the coming weeks!

Here at Team YANTSU, we would also like to give out some information regarding our Easter Bunny tracking. We will hold some form of an event on April 19th, but we will hold a meeting soon to discuss the details, so nothing is final yet.

As we begin our year-round events here at Team YANTSU, we want to remind you that more year-round things are going on this year, so never forget to stay tuned.

Thank you for your continued support,

Nick Tay
Head of YANTSU