After a 9-2 vote in favor of Ustream, Ustream.TV will be the hosting website for the 5th Annual TrackingSanta Live Show. We are glad we have finally chosen our hosting site for 2013 to replace our former site of BlogTV and it is a new stage of our program that we hope will be for the best. Please pass along the word to those who may be expecting us on the BlogTV successor: YouNow. If you try to find us there on December 24, 2013, you will not find us there, but on Ustream instead. Thanks for all of the support up to this point and we hope to see you soon. 29 days left until the show and we are all very excited. The newsletter will be late again this week and I apologize, but stay tuned.

Chairman of Team YANTSU 2013
Team YANTSU 2009-2013
Host of the Annual TrackingSanta Live Show