First off, we can tell you guys love the new layout because of the quick rise and fall of the stats lately which is consistently having an upward trend. We busted over 100 website views the other day thanks to you guys and we would like to just say thank you for your continued support of our program. For all of you who are excited about the holiday season approaching, do not worry. First off, we may be getting some news as we get closer to December 1, 2013 from our correspondent at NORAD. At this time we have not heard anything from NORAD, but we should hear something very soon over the next few days. As December 1 is quickly approaching, expect a few ads from our group and for the website to be always active on a daily basis with updates we can give you. We already know some of the content NORAD is offering this year, but it will not be revealed until everyone can see it on December 1, 2013. All we can tell you is that it will be different and you can expect a lot involved compared to some other years. Team YANTSU is getting geared up to finish camps, plans for the 2013 season, and also release information about where the show will be taking place as we finish the search for our brand new hosting website. With all the hard work going on, definitely stay tuned right here as we let you know more about our program and how we will be working alongside the NORAD Tracks Santa program this December. Newsletter should be coming out this weekend at some point, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Chairman of Team YANTSU 2013
Team YANTSU 2009-2013