Team YANTSU has received another email from NORAD today and we can confirm some of your suspicions and let you know SOME of what we can unveil to you in the fan community of Team YANTSU. Here’s what we can tell you…

– There will not be a 2011 Recap video, but just the 2012 Trailer which has already been unveiled in October
– 3D Tracking will take place with Cesium and 2D Tracking will be done with Bing Maps this year
          – You will have to make sure your computer supports Cesium by updating your browser and updating video drivers
          – Learn more about the 3D here
– There might be an interview with the generals of NORAD this year during the 4th Annual TrackingSanta Live Show if it can be scheduled by their staff for the event.

Hope this clears a few things up, but the rest of the information is top secret until the event happens.

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