Here is another video of the conference before operations took place with MAFFS, Noradnorthcom, and Fire Departments in the area. Enjoy, Patric/Ganon136 Head of Team YANTSU 2011-2012

MAFFS Put To Work In Colorado Springs

MAFFS has worked with NORAD in the recent 2012 Colorado Springs fires that are leaving many on edge about the safety of their homes. Here is footage of them hard at work over the mountains near Colorado Springs, home of NORAD. Enjoy, Patric/Ganon136 Head of Team YANTSU 2011-2012

Awards Page

Just finished working on the Awards page, added a BlogTV Tweet about us and made the Facebook picture better.   A picture of myself and my own prize pack will hopefully be added soon. You can visit the awards page under the More… section of the site Brayden  CEO – Read more…

New Members & Updates

Thank you to Nick and Justin for posting there thanks to YANTSU below. Everybody, please give them a warm welcome as well. Team YANTSU’S strongly believes that we are going to be stronger then ever with the addition of Nick and Justin, as they have already begun sharing plans. Team Read more…

Thank You So Much

To all involved and intrested and YANTSU, I just want to thank you all for allowing me into YANTSU! I am so excited about a great show and many to come. I also operate the new YANTSU Google+. See you soon! Sincerely, Nick Tay YANTSU Cabinet& Google+ Coordinator 2012

Planning Begins

Team YANTSU had our first meeting yesterday on May 27, 2012. Lots of new plans were made and some very exciting plans were made. As much as we would like tell you what these plans are, we cannot release them to the public yet. We can release however that Team Read more…

Our New Website Designs!!!

OUR NEW WEBSITE IS AVAILABLE. Guess how many views it has already? Not over 9000!!!! So let’s show everyone the new look of the TrackingSanta page sponsored by Team YANTSU and Elezb101 Productions.  Thanks for viewing, Patric/Ganon136 Head of Team YANTSU