We are officially 20 days away from our big show on December 24, 2012! It is hard to believe that all of the hard work put in by each member is about to pay off for one great show on BlogTV. In other news, NORAD Tracks Santa has started their annual prize pack competition. All you have to do is like their Facebook page and get the answer right first before someone else to win your very own prize package. Last year, Team YANTSU members Patric and Brayden both won the NORAD Tracks Santa prize pack for getting the questions right. Just goes to show that NORAD history can get you some awesome goodies! Go to the “Awards Page” tab under the “more…” tab right here on the TrackingSanta Weebly. Remember to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter by clicking the links at the top-right corner of the Weebly.

3 weeks left,
Head of Team YANTSU 2011-2012
Team YANTSU 2009-2012